Lesson Plan for Grade 8(9.21st)

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Lesson Plan 2-B

School           Name: Shuangliu Art and Sports Middle School

Teacher: Graham

Date: 21.9.


Type of Class: International Understanding (Grade 8): Schools 2

Teaching Objectives: To be able to understand and describe the key points of a typical British primary school

Teaching Aids: Video: “Schools in Britain”, PPT slides 5-26 (for review)

Teaching Procedure


Describe Activities


Step 1

(5 minutes)



Review school subjects from last class (slides 5-26). “Stand up if you like ______”

Step 2

(25 minutes)



Watch video “Schools in Britain” (1’34 to 5’00). First watching: number subjects 1-10 in order seen/heard. Second watching: comprehension questions about times, class size, uniform, lunch & activities.

Step 3

(5 minutes)



Go back to slide 4. Can students now answer all these questions about UK primary schools? In groups, T monitors, then gets students to write correct answers on board.


Step 4

(5 minutes)

What new words have you learnt today? St each say one. T checks pronunciation and asks a simple question about it.


Optional Activities and Homework: Write down five new words learnt.




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