Lesson Plan for Grade 7(Sept.21st0

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Lesson Plan 2-A

School         Name:  ShuangLiu Art and Sports Middle School

Teacher: Graham

Date: 21.9


Type of Class: International Understanding Grade 7: Food

Teaching Objectives: To be able to name and distinguish between western and Chinese dishes, cutlery and crockery.

Teaching Aids: PPT, board

Teaching Procedure


Describe Activities


Step 1

(5 minutes)



Review foods from last week (slides 2-31 on PPT). Is each one a meat, a vegetable or a staple food?

Step 2

(15 minutes)



Look at common Chinese dishes (slides 34-45). Drill pronunciation, ask which individual foods they contain (e.g. chicken/pork/noodles). Repeat slides 32-33: like/dislike for these Chinese dishes. Ask students to think of other Chinese dishes they like/dislike?



Step 3

(10 minutes)



Look at cutlery and crockery pictures (slides 47-58). Drill pronunciation - ask which are used with western food, which with Chinese food.



Step 4

(10 minutes)

Memory game: I went to the supermarket and I bought..... Each student repeats what the previous person said and then adds one thing of their own. For example, “I went to the supermarket and I bought some carrots, a hotpot, some noodles and a spoon”




Optional Activities and Homework: Review vocabulary learnt



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