[the Song of September] Theme Party Shuangliu Pengzhen Middle School •Art and Sports Middle School 60th Birthday Anniversary&the 11th Campus Art Festival

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[the Song of September]  Theme Party

Shuangliu Pengzhen Middle School •Art and Sports Middle School

60th Birthday Anniversary&the 11th Campus Art Festival

Sixty years of writing, such as the shackles, can not finish the educational feelings of Peng Zhongren and the artist "Li De Shu Ren" sixty years of time like a song, can not sing the passion of Peng Zhongren, the artist "Chuangmei Education".

On the evening of September 29th, a grand theme party, Shuangliu Pengzhen Middle School • Arts and sports Middle School 60th Birthday as well as The 11th Campus Art Festival Theme Party,was held at the playground of Sichuan Shuangliu Arts and sports middle School. Leaders at all levels in Sichuan, provincial and municipal experts, friendly school leaders, alumni representatives, parent representatives and other guests were invited to participate in the event.




The wide and magnificent stage lighting is full of grandeur, and the party is flourishing in a warm applause.

Giving speech


    Shi Donghua, the Party Secretary and President of the school, gave a wonderful speech. On behalf of the teachers and students of the whole school, he warmly welcomed all the leaders and guests to take the time to visit.He enthusiastically reviewed the profound cultural heritage of Pengzhen Middle School and shared with the guests the brilliant achievements of the Art School. After looking forward to the bright future of Art School, President Shi hopes that the faculty and staff of the school will work together to build the Art and Sports Middle School into a national first-class school.


Dong Cheng, member of the Standing Committee of the Chengdu Shuangliu District Committee and director of the United Front Work Department, read the congratulatory letter from the Chengdu Shuangliu District Committee and the Shuangliu District People's Government of Chengdu to the 60th anniversary of Shuangliu Arts and sports middle School.


Chapter I  the Time Stamp



Sixty years of bells, bearing the years

Sixty years of vicissitudes, bearing in mind the hard work

Sixty years of history, filled with the fragrance of peach and plum

Sixty years of persistence, engraved with unremitting pursuit

1Song chorus


The little school boy


my dear deskmate




"on the field of hope"


 "Teacher, I miss you"


2Men's group dance "Reminiscence"


图片关键词 Parent representative present gifts


Freehand landscape painting, painting the frienship in school 

Chapter II     The Beautiful Poem of Time  


3Double piano playing "Defending the Yellow River"


4 Spray art + clothing show "Manda"



Depicting an ideal life with a brush

Use the rhythm to play the youth

5Dance skewer




Arts and sports middle school, always the place of youth


Arts and sports middle school, always the place of the rhythm


Here, you can freely spread the wings of art.


Here, you can weave the dream of youth.

6Cheerleading, aerobics, martial arts


Chapter III  The Time Medal


Giving awards to the teachers

Sixty years of wind and rain, generations of people struggle. In the brilliant achievements, the wisdom work and hard work of countless artists are infiltrated.


President Shi Donghua, who has made the school enterprising and strong development!


The predecessor of the school—the head of the “opening ancestor” of the Wenjiang Pengzhen Junior High School, Xia Zhonglun!


President Zhang Guoquan, who is brave in the rapids and sticks to the development position of the school!


Principal Xie Zufu, the pioneer of the reform of the school from pure academic to art!


7Folk music ensemble "Night Rain Double Sing"


8Boys solo "Climbing Cable Car"


9Table singing "Matango"


10wind reprise


11Men's group dance "Tiangu"


Chapter IV  The Pioneer of the Time

       Sixty years of recollection, the first line of pioneers

Sixty years of hard work, the success of the elite


12Girls chorus "Zha ning zha"



We believe that with such a team of teachers with noble morality, exquisite workmanship, dedication, unity and cooperation, and the pursuit of excellence, in the near future, the school will achieve the goal of the national first-class characteristic middle school.

13Song and dance "Cheers for the motherland"


The whole party was full of colorful, touching and touching, and the scene was full of joy. In the night sky, beautiful fireworks poured down, illuminating the entire night sky. The party ended successfully in a cheer.


We firmly believe that, with the support and care of leaders and relevant departments at all levels social leaders, alumni and parents, and the inexhaustible motivation of all teachers and students working together to pursue excellence, the future of the art middle school will definitely be more brilliant!


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