International Course Map

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一、Teaching Objectives

The objectives of the i2 International Understanding course are to build experience of language learning and cultural exchange, to advance the student’s basic training in listening, speaking, reading and writing, so that students use good pronunciation and intonation , to master a certain vocabulary and basic grammar knowledge, to cultivate the students’ interest in learning English, and, in short, to make them love English. Utilizing lively foreign teachers and proactive teaching activities, the course continues the process of English teaching , building confidence and students’ positive attitudes.


二、Teaching Requirements

1By means of physical activity, pictures , teacher’s movements and expressions and the related PPT and video, the course will increase students’ preliminary cognition and understanding of the international cultural topics and arouse an interest in English,though diversified teaching content.


2Students will be taught to understand and, according to the physical activities, pictures and actions ,repeat new words with correct pronunciation, intonation and dialogue.


3To be able to tell in the typical features and several important Chinese and western history. Establish an international vision values. Can understand foreign food, attractions, entertainment, culture, etc. Learn to use English description of their favorite food, attractions and humanities subjects.


4To be able to master the basic classroom and everyday language , and the ability to practice in class also after class. Be able to keep the international understanding of life and learning we had learned in class and share it with others.

三、Teaching contents

To achieve the teaching purpose and teaching requirements, the following is a customized in different stages of the foreign teachers all grade courses project and teaching goals.



Daily assessment: the record made by Chinese teacher in the class. For studentsparticipation and homework , and also attendance to evaluate.


Foreign teacher evaluate the student and the class as a whole of listening, speaking, reading and writing , then summarize and comment on each class, and timely communication with students and teachers.

Final assessment: Present the activity ,role play by groups ,or read it out .


五、Teaching materials

Power point and video and flashcards about the topics




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