【艺周刊】第89期 叶朝月——清谈可以饱 梦想接无由 【art weekly】number 89: toward the Moon: a feeling of being full, a dream of being free

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艺周刊】第89期 叶朝月——清谈可以饱 梦想接无由

art weeklynumber 89: toward the Moon: a feeling of being full, a dream of being free

四川省双流艺体中学  Shuangliu Art and Sports Middle School Sic



艺界无疆 一鸣惊人


There's no limit to what an artist can do



清谈可以饱 | 梦想接无由No Reason to Dream



A long way to go


To let the dreams bloom


 Sitting in her studio


Pencil in hand


Doing the same thing over and over again


She was fighting for her beloved dreams.


叶朝月  Caoyue Ye


Keigo Higashino once said, "Without Down to Earth, there can be no spiritual and material support. " and when we look to the sky, we must tread the ground beneath our feet. Because Monay laid a solid foundation in his early years, he was able to throw colors boldly and freely; Because Qi Baishi had a meticulous training, he was able to create vivid shrimps. Only by taking firm steps can you look up at the stars with ease.


In this issue, we invite Chaoyue Ye, from class 3 Class 2023, to share her artistic path with us.

道路艰难  不肯停歇

Though the road hard, we shall never stop moving forward.


原创作品(禁止转载,下同)Original work (no reprint, same below)


人们总是要在挫折中成长。People grow up with setbacks.


In the ninth grade, the teacher always said that my color blocks are too similar, no order, and not working as a whole. I also found that I had been stuck in this period for a long time because of this. I took this very seriously, and from then on I began to notice the problems that my teacher diagnosed for me, as if I was no longer focusing on the details, and I began to pay attention to the big picture relationship (of course, the details can not be ignored, after all, the details are the most touching.)


Later, I finally had a breakthrough in this area, through the bottleneck period, but also have a deeper understanding of art. Here, I would like to especially thank my teacher, for lighting my way in that period of time.


The interlude in my professional study is also a big mark to witness my growth. What impressed me most when I entered high school was probably the work I created over countless nights, during which I slept less than four hours a night, or even no sleep at all. The next day I asked the my classmates last night what time they went to sleep. The answers are one or two am., we always have a shared understanding----do not go to bed until finish the work. Now when I see the lost picture, my heart will shiver. This might be the bitterness during the professional study!


全力奔赴 漫漫远方

Devote every effort to achieve our dreams



如何调节文化和专业之间的占比呢?How to adjust the proportion between culture learning and profession learning?


What I want to say is that major and culture are equally important. Many students only focus on culture, and neglect the major; or go to the other extreme. In the joint entrance examination, the higher the professional score, the better, and cultural grades need to cross the line because a good university also has higher cultural requirements. The major required by the school examination is very prominent, and the cultural requirement is relatively loose.


So how you measure the balance between the two depends on what your goals are, so be clear about your goals and strive for them. To ensure the safety, striving for the literary and professional progress is quite important.


专业小tips: a few tips for professional study.


Method and practice are equally important. When the teacher does the model drawing, we should pay attention to it carefully. Of course, I also know that watching the teacher does the model drawing is really pedagogic. If you really can't do it, you can ask the classmate next to you to wake you up.


Take the homework given by teachers seriously. Some of my drawing small crafts also come out from the fumble unceasingly in the practice. You can also try to sum up your own suitable way, and try to use it in professional learning.

夯实基础 最终仰望星空

Laying a solid foundation and looking up at the stars




As for the Ideal University, my goal is to live up to expectations, to be admitted by the China Central Academy of Fine Arts or Tsinghua Academy.


I am in the top class. At the very beginning of our class, our head teacher told us that we must have a goal, and to dare to think. Only if you dare to think , it will be possible. I hope that in the next two and a half years, every day can be fruitful, not a moment to be wasted. Years later, when I think of my high school, I hope that I will define as a positive, sunny and pure good time.



With a tiny vestigial lamp, two red eyes, three cans of open paint, four brushes full of paint, five or six times exhortation echoing in the ear, seven or eight paintings spreading on the ground, and the color-scale skill, the ten miles prosperity seems real and unreal.




Dreams don't seem so far away from me!


Never Stop Walking on the Road of hope!





策划2023届2班  胡亦可

文稿2023届12班 袁怡楠

排版2023届2班  胡亦可

指导 | 师云锋

审核 | 杨夏飞 廖永华