Shuangliu Art and Sports Middle School

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Provide a premium art education

Cultivate the students' specialty

Meet the diverse needs of society

Shuangliu Art and Sports Middle School was established in 1958. It started to carry out reforms in 1996, in which the school started the different way of development with arts and sports education. Now it has become the largest the provincial model public school which combines arts and sports education with academic education. The school upheld the principle of “Virtue leads to perfection, to be qualified and to develop specialty”,  insists on the education concept of “one person, one specialty, and one excellence”, and has built up the educational mode of “ The moral education leads, the academic education lays the foundation, and the specialty promotes.” The school has found its special ways of development which is “Lay the school with specialty, strengthen the school with specialty, and develop the school with specialty.” In this way, it has explored a special new way of running a general senior secondary school in rural areas, and has also realized its unconventional ,leap-forward and special achievements. The school has obtained a series of impressive honors: “National Art Education Reform Experimental Demonstration School”, “The National Cheerleading Experimental Demonstration School”, “Sichuan Secondary Demonstration  High School”, “Sichuan Art Education Special School”, “Sichuan Sunshine Sports Model School”, “The Enrollment Base in Sichuan for Students Studying in Italy”, “Chengdu Special High School”, “Excellent School in Chengdu General High School Education”, “First Prize of Annual Target Assessment” etc.



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