Lesson Plan for Grade 7 (Spet.28th)

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Lesson Plan 3-A

School          Name:  Shuangliu Art and Sports Middle School

Teacher: Graham



Type of Class: International Understanding Grade 7: Food

Teaching Objectives: To understand key restaurant vocabulary. To choose from dishes learnt to create a menu.

Teaching Aids: PPT, board. “Menu” worksheet

Teaching Procedure


Describe Activities


Step 1

(10 minutes)



Review foods from the last two classes (slides 2-31 and 34-45). Interactive game: “On the dinner table” - drag objects into the right place based on instructions on screen. (Main focus on food and cutlery vocab, not on prepositions)


Step 2

(5 minutes)



What did you eat today? If a morning class, “What did you have for breakfast?” If an afternoon class, “What did you have for lunch” I had _______. Pairs, then choose students to say to the class.

Step 3

(15 minutes)



Introduce restaurant, waiter, waitress, customer, menu (slides 61-69). Yes or No quiz. Explain that in western restaurants we usually have meat with potatoes/rice/pasta (slides 70-75).

Step 4

(10 minutes)

Look at sample restaurant conversation (slide 77). Read aloud together; then boys as waiter, girls as customer; then girls as waitress, boys as customer. Check who says what (slide 78)

Explain that in the next class they’ll be ordering from each other’s menu.



Optional Activities and Homework: Finish and get familiar with dishes on own menu.



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