【Celebration of the school’s birthday】 McCanny Secondary School Toronto, Canada Visit and Sign a Friendship Agreement with Our School -------60th anniversary international communication activities

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Celebration of the school’s birthday

McCanny Secondary School Toronto, Canada Visit and Sign a Friendship Agreement with Our School

-------60th anniversary international communication activities




Be refreshed by the cool breeze of autumn,

The heady fragrance of laurel blossoms (was) wafted through the fresh air.

Roaming the atmosphere of the 60th anniversary birthday celebration,

Shuangliu Arts and Sports middle school has welcomed friends from the other side of the ocean.


On September 29, on the occasion of the sixtieth birthday of Shuangliu Arts and Sports Middle School in Sichuan Province, we welcomed the international friends from Canada, known as the "Maple Leaf Country". They are Olesya Sedysheva, vice principal of McCanny Secondary School in Toronto,Canada, and Michelle, director of academic planning of McCanny Secondary School.

Ling Rong, director of the Foreign Affairs Department of Shuangliu Education Bureau, led the foreign affairs leaders of the "International Window" schools in the region and witnessed the signing ceremony.

      There are more than 40 student representatives attending this event!


student representatives of our school

At the welcome ceremony, Shi Donghua, Secretary of the Party General Branch and Principle, gave a speech, warmly welcomed the guests coming from afar, and briefly introduced the basic situation of our school. In his speech, he stressed that our school will pay more attention to the level of International Education in the process of vigorously promoting the construction of "The Belt and Road". In the background of closer international cooperation, and in order to seek more cooperation and exchange projects, we will find opportunities for further cooperation with McKinley High School in a more prosperous China, a more developed Sichuan, and a more open Shuangliu. We hope the two schools can work together for the benefit of both teachers and students. It is hoped that the two schools can enhance academic exchanges between teachers and students in cooperation in art education..


 Speech by general secretary and Principle Shi Donghua


Signing ceremony


Presenting gifts



Giving a speech of congratulations


Ling Rong, Director of Foreign Affairs Department of Shuangliu Education Bureau, gave a speech of congratulations on the 60th anniversary of the Shuangliu Arts and Sports Middle School and on the friendship between the two schools. She pointed out that she hoped the two schools would take the opportunity to further promote deep cooperation and exchanges between the two schools, constantly enrich the connotation of cooperation, and strive to achieve new cooperation results in art teaching, professional development of teachers, and common development of schools, and hoped the friendship and cooperation between the two schools will last forever.


taking a group photo to mark the occasion


 Experiencing calligraphy


Communicating with "the little translators 


Visiting the school history exhibition hall


Art Education Forum "Career Planning for Art Students"


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