【Focusing】Colorful Activities——Shuangliu Art and Sports Middle School develops Head Teacher Work Salon activities

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The head teacher is the core of moral education in schools.

The young head teacher is the future of the school.

    In order to further promote the rapid growth of young teachers in our school and give full play to the role of head teachers in school moral education management, on the morning of October 12, Shuangliu Art and Sports Middle School held a new head teacher work salon in the Youth League Activity Room. Li Shuanghua, vice president of the school, Wu Jie, vice director of the Moral Education and Safety Department, Yang Huafu and Wei Xia, vice director of the Moral Education and Safety Department, Liao Yonghua, Secretary of the School Youth League Committee, all the class directors of the year 2021 and other class directors participated in the activity. The activity was hosted by Wei Xia, Deputy director of the Moral Education and Safety Department.


    Director Wei first led everyone to do a small game, the atmosphere relaxed at once. After a brief warm-up, she organized everyone to study "the role of psychological effects in class management", and hoped that the head teachers can learn from it in daily management, combining scientific theory with work practice. Subsequently, the 2021th grade director Zhong Yao elaborated on the importance of the work of the head teacher, and put forward valuable suggestions on the work of the new head teachers.


    In the following days, the new class teacher Yi Zhengyu, Yue Xiangyi, Xiang FutureWu Jinyan and Zhang Qing exchanged with the teachers and presented the experience gained in class management and the confusion they encountered since they had been working for more than a month. Although the five new teachers haven’t been in work for a long time, they feel deeply in contact with students. They spoke freely and exchanged views on the establishment of class committees, the formulation of class rules, the relationship between teachers and students, the relationship between home and school, psychological counseling and ideological education.






Communications of the new head teachers

    We listened to several teachers, while tasting delicious fruit snacks, the meeting atmosphere relaxed and is pleasant. Zhou Yi, Huang Guowu, the representatives of the head teachers, combining with their own work and life experience, talked about their own personal gains and experiences in the work of the head teacher for many years. Qiu Renjian, Deputy Secretary of the CPC General Branch, and Wu Jie, director of the Moral Education and Safety Department, also answered the problems encountered in the work of several new head teachers and put forward valuable suggestions.

    The teachers attending the meeting also had a lot of insights. Liao Yonghua, Li Linlin and Zhong Yao made speeches one after another. According to their own experience, they discussed some views on class management.





Head teachers share the experience

Finally, vice president Li Shuanghua made a concluding speech on this salon. Principal Li fully affirmed the significance of this salon, and expressed gratitude to the new class teacher's positive attitude towards work, encouraging everyone to be loving and patient, brave to take the lead, cherish this rare opportunity for development!


The holding of this salon activity promotes the mutual learning, learning from each other's strengths, and improving together. It is conducive to promoting the standardization of school class management, and lays a good foundation for better carrying out the work of head teachers and promoting school moral education in the future.

In the delightful exchanges and discussions, the young head teachers were not only encouraged by their growth, but also felt the warmth of the big family of Shuangliu Art and Sports Middle School. They all said that they would redouble their efforts to become an excellent head teacher.



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